About Us

Welcome to Compass Farms!


We are fourth generation farmers Cliff and Andrea Sensenig. We started farming the Sensenig family farm together as newlyweds in 2002. From the beginning, Cliff’s drive and determination led to growth and success as dairy farmers. Over the years, our farm has been through a lot of changes, growth, and diversification. I think our motto might be, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it!”


Fifth generation farmers! The Compass Farms kids.

We were honored to be recognized as a 2014 winner for Outstanding Farm Sustainability by the U.S.Dairy Center for Innovation. Here’s a video we did highlighting some sustainability practices on our farm:

We hope you’ll take a minute to look around our site, and give us a follow on FB and Instagram.

–Cliff and Andrea Sensenig

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi.
    Just wanted to let you know that we tried your cheese today at the Oxford Village Market, and it was great. Loved the garlic and chive. Hopefully, we’ll pick up more next Tuesday as a special treat for a family that normally can only afford Cabot in the grocery store! Couldn’t help but think, these cheeses would be wonderful to serve guests at Christmas (presents too), so I guess we’ll be making a trip to your farm sometime later in the fall too.


  2. I am so excited for your new venture with Kilby Cream! I have loved eating your cheeses that have been delivered through them. Now you are taking over the Kilby Cream business with the Flahart family and I know good things are coming our way!


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