Here we go!

Welcome to the internet, Compass Farms.


While Cliff would be quite content to farm without any internet disturbance (save stalking my FB a few times throughout the day) I am beginning to see the importance of letting others have a peek into what we do around here. I get a chance to talk to a very diverse group of people through our children’s school, our church, my Crossfit box, old friends reconnected via FB, Twitter and Instagram contacts. It’s becoming apparent that not as many people know what goes on on our farm as I had first imagined.

Last fall someone suggested I start a Facebook page for our farm. Some posts got pretty good response, but still, having a FB page isn’t the same as having a blog or a website. So that’s what I intend to do here. I may put up a few blog posts now and then, but mostly, this will be a place for people to come and find out more about Compass Farms, and see what Cliff and Andrea are up to now!

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