Officially official!

license We had an exiting week- a lot of things we were waiting on happened all at once!

The renovation of our tack room/snowmobile shed into a cheese shack is complete. The second-hand cooler I got is plugged in and WORKING! We got inspected and received the license to sell our cheese. Our cheese is done aging, cut and wrapped. The labels we designed came back from the printer. To an outsider, it might almost look like we know what we’re doing. I assure you, this is not the case. 😉

When we got our first batch of cheese back and cut into it for the first time, I have to tell you, we were a bit nervous. What were we going to do with ALL THIS CHEESE if it tasted bad? How in the world would we get rid of over 1000 pounds of yucky cheese? Well, we shouldn’t have worried. It was GOOD! An experienced cheese-maker with access to super-rich Jersey milk is certainly a recipe for success. If we’re not careful, we’re going to eat all of our profits! (That’s alright… it would probably be worth it!)

We are planning for this Saturday to be the first day we’re selling out of our new farm stand. As of now, we’ll have our seven varieties of cheese, and a few dozen eggs from our pastured chickens. Maybe we’re not quite as put together as I’d like to be for our first day, but that’s okay. We’d love to see you on Saturday! Come out to the farm, try some samples, and take some of our delicious cheese home with you! We’ll be here to help you till 6:00.

cheese cooler

Wrapped, labeled, ready to go!

Find us at 245 Springhill Rd., Kirkwood, PA 17536.

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