Custom Farming



2014-08-26 001 003

For years, we always had custom operators come onto the farm to chop our hay and corn for our cows. But it seemed they were getting busier and busier, and couldn’t come when we wanted them to. Forages must be cut at just the right time for optimum feed value. We wanted to buy the equipment for ourselves, but knew we couldn’t quite justify the cost if we were doing just our own work.

2015-05-08 002 004

But if we could keep the equipment busier, longer, then it made a little more sense! So we started doing some custom work for neighboring farmers.

2015-05-11 001 003

Cliff and Westin with the new tractor and mowers.

We have equipment to mow, merge, and chop forages, and we’ve also done some corn planting and manure hauling. So if you’re local, and want a little help getting crops put away, give us a call!

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